THIS is why I work three jobs… on purpose

Someone asked me why I work three jobs when I don’t have to.

THIS is why I work three jobs!

First off, people that don’t know me well enough, doesn’t know my financial situation and MAYBE I do need to work three jobs.

But in all honesty, they’re right – I don’t need to work three jobs. But I CHOOSE to work three jobs.

My massage business will ALWAYS be my full time job. Always. I love what I do and that will never change. And I went into this career to help others and travel the world.

My part time job at the architect firm ROCKS. I work with some awesome people and I love working for the owner. This past year, the company has been able to offer me affordable benefits (health/dental) –which is extremely beneficial because paying for health insurance out of pocket is horrific (we all know the stories of affordable health care… that no one can afford it).

My other full time job is at the domestic violence shelter. This one is truly a BLESSING. It’s on the path of where my gifts can be utilized – and I get paid for it and a roof over my head. And they too offer me better benefits (WAY cheaper than the other job). So, I’ll be paying less in benefits and don’t pay rent.

So, when you ask me why I work three jobs – its about priority, planning, hustling and making it work. And I have no desire to work for the rest of my life.

I am doing what I need to do –even if that means working 7 days/week and an even lesser social life than I had before.

It’s cool because in 5 years, I’ll have my home and I’ll have my long vacations. I won’t be worrying about anything except what I need to make for dinner, whose coming to visit or planning my next trip. AND I will still be doing what I love.

God NEVER gives us more than we can handle – so until then – I’m gonna keep on doing me (unless someone is offering to pay my bills, take me on extended vacations around the world or buys me my 5-6 bedroom home with an in-law suite and amazing back yard fully equipped for entertaining…. which more than likely won’t happen any time soon). I gotta do what I gotta do! Rise and grind.

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. ~Abraham Lincoln

Peace. Love. Happiness.

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Autism Awareness… on purpose

This chick is superwoman!!! Seriously!

If you don’t follow her on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS – DO IT!

She has an inspiring story and making people more aware of #autism is her mission and purpose!!

Everyone should listen to this video and understand the world of autism, our health system and day to day living with a family that has support, love and fighting power to educate people on autism… she doesn’t stop!!!!! #autismawareness #superwoman


Writing with pen and paper… on purpose

Someone would say this is a bit OCD. Perhaps it is.

Part of being OCD is being organized, which makes my life flow a little easier.

Nothing beats the feeling of writing organized thoughts, prayers, goals and plans with a pen and old-fashioned paper. ❤️

*Sometimes I switch it up and write my ‘ToDo’ lists in pencil just to remember that feeling. 😂 If you don’t know, you don’t know. 💯

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Writing out my prayers… on purpose

I started a prayer book in 2017.

Most entries were vague but this was a great way for me to express my thoughts and have something tangible to reflect back on as God continues to answer my prayers.

This year, I decided to be more specific and detailed in my prayers so God knows exactly what I need.

I know He knows what I need but sometimes I need to see exactly what I am asking for and what it is that I really need.


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I’m not like everyone else… on purpose

People have often said to me ‘you would have more clients if you advertise.”

Though this statement is probably accurate, I owe no one an explanation of why I run my business the way that I do.

I acknowledge this is a fair statement, so here’s my answer:

In the world of massage, we touch for a living.  Most folks are fully naked on my table (though it’s up to them on their comfort level.  FYI, I have also massaged people fully clothed).

During massage, some people react to touch, without even knowing it is happening. Totally normal.

What I will also tell you (and you may or may not find this as a surprise) is there are folks that are way too comfortable behind closed doors.

THOSE people think its ok to touch their therapist.  Clients also think its ok to ask for inappropriate behavior (sexual favors).

Some laugh about it (knowing its wrong) but trust me, people have no filter and with enough courage, will ask.

Let’s start with the “inappropriate behavior”  people:

First off: ITS ILLEGAL.  Secondly, I am a professional massage therapist.  I worked hard to get my license and I refuse to lose it over an extra dollar bill.

As for the clients that are way too comfortable and trying to be slick and cop a feel:

Geez… really buddy?

I’ve had my glutes (my butt) grabbled.  My pecs (breasts) grabbed (double handful, by the way).  I’ve had two different men jump off the table as soon as I was done with the service and try to kiss me.  <shaking my head>

I’ve had men try to ‘lead’ my hands to areas I refuse to massage.

9/10 out times I know the vibe of someone even before I get them on the table.  It’s a gut feeling and is usually accurate.

My guard is up regardless who it is (because you just don’t know) and I have been off my game a time or two… but never in a situation I couldn’t get myself out of.

I am not intimidated by these clients.   Here’s why:  first off, they are on my table – NAKED.

You don’t think for one second I know where to punch a man that will make him end up on the floor for days and possibly never conceive a child again?   Yeah.  They are messing with the wrong therapist.  I was raised that for any reason some person is exposing themselves or putting themselves in a position of unwelcomed behavior to punch or kick them in the balls and run. (Thanks momma!)

Secondly, I do know pressure points that will have anyone ever consider why they even thought about touching me.

With all that being said, and the situations I have been in a few times while massaging, I’ve never had to kick/punch but I have used pressure points and have had no problem calling them out on their actions and remind them why they are REALLY on my table:  TO GET A MASSAGE!

I know, gutsy right?  But it shuts them down and I continue with their massage.

I will also add that not one of those past clients have ever ended up back on my table again – THANK GOD!

So, back to the question of why I don’t publicly advertise – THIS IS WHY….

This world is filled with crazy individuals.  And people are just way to comfortable in private settings.

Since I am a referral base business ONLY, I trust my friends, family, etc. and my current clients to KNOW their own friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, bff, etc…. if not, then they need to reevaluate these people in their life.

Fortunately, I have not had any issues being in business for myself and my referral base is phenomenal.

So, to the ones that feel like I’m losing money by not advertising on Craigslist or have a website publicly for the whole world to view, do know this is NOT MY PURPOSE.

MY PURPOSE IN MASSAGE IS:  to educate people the importance of massage and why we need to make time to get massaged regularly.  Every massage therapist has their own technique and my technique may not be for everyone. And I am ok with that.

I just ask everyone to find a massage therapist and start taking care of their mind, body and soul.  WE ALL NEED IT!!!

And I am just going to continue doing what works for me!  Namaste’







Why do I stay up so late…. on purpose…

(WARNING: I’m sure there are way too many typos and grammatical errors….teacher friends: sorry. English teacher friends: really sorry. People that just want to correct me: #dontcare #itslate

Why do I stay up so late…. on purpose…

Not enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want too and then I realize how much time I actually waste worrying about life. Or “researching’ on how to do better in life….

[Researching: an ability to get lost on this thing called the internet, that one click here, one click there… Now 10 ‘open’ screens deep…

8 apps ‘running’ in the background…

Bookmarking this webpage (and hopefully remembering to remind myself to go check it out one of these days when I have ‘free time’, )…

saving that recipe because that would be a good one to make one day….

screenshooting every thing that reminds me of someone and (again, hopefully) remembering to txt it to them tomorrow (because if I txt it tonight (what time is it?), they’ll kill you if you wake them up by the annoying ding, followed by several more dings because I can’t just send one text. I have to send the screenshot, saved photo, article, joke… of what ever it was that reminded me of that person (that one text…one ding) and then adding my comment(s) (that could be two, three, sometimes more selecting on how good it 😂😂😂. ding, ding, ding) or explaining something (ding, ding)…

surrounded by several (not one or two… more like 3,5, 6 🤷🏼‍♀️ depends on the night really) different kinds of notebooks, notepads, different journals for different reasons, or pieces of paper held together with paperclips or inside a notebook related to the same topic….and a billion pens (with correction tape), highlighters (many colors, many sixes), pencils, #2 old school, most times (with erasers and pencil sharpener on hand ….)]

I ‘research’ just about anything but my main focus areas are: heath, massage, mental illness, wellbeing, dream vacation, ‘if I would ever get married again’ Pinterest (I’m a girl, I like to dream), flights to ummm… Kansas (friend(s) there, California (ooh, possible future job opportunity), Florida (because after all, it is the sunshine state and who doesn’t like sunshine and warmth this time of year), Jamaica (#2 bucket list) or I just find stuff that makes me laugh or while randomly creeping… I mean researching on social media, I end up posting stuff that make me laugh way to much or something that I can relate to and feel the need to share, forward or message photos, memes, ‘remember when’ songs… (some stuff is a MUST share) and I don’t want to be the only one sucked into the world of the internet….

You get my point…


So, once I get settled in on what I want to write about…

I tell myself I need to stop at a (such and such) time so I can get at least 8hr of sleep 😂😂😂 (never happens)… then when I look at the clock again … it’s 3 hrs later. 🤦‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ (thinking in my head: 5 hrs of sleep…I’ve functioned on less before) and then find myself yelling (yes yelling) to GO TO BED KERRIEANN! (I have a tone I use and all)! LoL (and yes, I do talk to myself). LoL


I find myself getting overwhelmed by all the tragedy going on in our lives. I can’t avoid it. It’s every where. Some good. Some bad. Some facts. Some not.

Everything. Everything you want to know is on the internet.


I spend all this time researching all this stuff.. I find myself asking myself (the one time I actually don’t speak a loud)… I have all this info…. Then what do I do with it??


I say all that because even tho I tell you about my sleepless nights, whining about being sleep deprived or having a headache the next day (sometimes many days)…

And I still take naps when I can (because our bodies need sleep to BE more productive.) but also because I have two jobs with a bit of flexibly.

I still feel like my time spent on the internet IS productive.

And I know for a fact that anything I write about will be useful one day. To someone.


Even if it’s only one person that saw what I posted and took the time to read my (one) blog, post, text… what ever…. if that one thing helped change a persons live, something in you, saved their life or made them smile…

All of this is worth it….


And that is the only time (other than vacations) that I wished we had more hours in our day to focus on the things we WANT to do (vacation, family time, down time, me time) and less on the the things we NEED to do… like work, eat, bath (you know… real life stuff). 😂

It’s 4am. Work by 10a. 5 hours. It’s functional. Good night, Good Morning. ❤️ Have am amazing day.

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2018… the year I got to know myself… on purpose

As the end of the year has been quickly approaching, I’m reflecting on what I could have done better this year.

In all honestly, even tho some things didn’t go as planned, and every day can seem like baby steps… one thing for certain is God definitely has had my back this whole year.

With the previous years knocking me on my butt, I chose to take a leap in Faith when I felt I had no one else to turn to. No one really to talk to. A feeling of being alone. Depressed. Broken.

I needed guidance, bad! When everything else wasn’t working for me.

In January, I chose to be baptized. I felt it was a great way to get a fresh start, a purging of my past, a do-over. A ‘clean’ slate.

I know that’s not the way to look at it, but I felt like I needed a way to clean my past and therapy can be expensive. Plus I refuse to go on anti-depressants when life is kicking me hard.

So, between my amazing church family, my studies of the Bible, understanding who Jesus is and REALLY know what He has done for me by being my Savior…

I feel like I have a better peace of mind, less anxiety, diligent thoughts and the struggles of life hasn’t detained me as harshly as the past (or rather, ALLOWING to detain me).

It has been a blessed year with new opportunities for work travel, new friendships, rekindling some old relationships, tho still working on the forgiving others part (I said baby steps) and I’m moving into a new year feeling stronger (mentally, physically and definitely spiritually). 💯

As far as travel, I went to Key West & LA (tho both were too short of a trips).

Small getaways are just as important as the bigger trips. My goal in 2019 is to travel more, even if that means 3-4 day weekends. Tho I am hoping that my career will take me on adventures I never thought were possible. ❤️

As far as work, I had an amazing opportunity to not only massage, but hang out with a pretty cool R&B/Pop artist (and his team) while he was on his East Coast tour!

Seeing the life on the road with an artist makes you see things differently. Plus it takes a lot of dedication, trust in your team, hard work and above all, faith in yourself. This dude’s got it all!

He is by far the most genuine, humbling, grateful and appreciative young artist I have ever met (well, I haven’t met many but just my over all experience was pretty awesome and made me understand the entertainment world a lot clearer).

As far as my health, I have had a clean bill of health just one month ago. Though I do need to exercise more, overall, everything came back good and I have a baseline after 6 years of not having health insurance. So that’s good. 👍🏽

Sadly my mom has been battling cancer all year. Cancer is a sad disease. One day the drs say there is no hope and the next day (even next minute) a true miracle happens and she feels great and out of the hospital for a few weeks. 😩

I know 2018 was a horrible year for my parents with my mom having this sickness. All I can do is continue to pray for her (and the other millions of people fighting cancer) and hope mankind finds a cure, soon. 🙏🏽

Overall, as you can read, my year wasn’t horrible (other than my mom being sick). Oh and the thousands of dollars in parts and labor I had to put into my Jeep aka Silverlining. 😪

I had some closure on some derailed relationships, I found God and I have an amazing career that is the stepping stone to my future.

I am grateful for all I have and who I have in my life. I recognize what has been working for me and areas I need to improve on.

I look forward to all that God has in store for me in 2019 (and beyond).

Leaving my life in Gods hands is what’s been working for me. He’s the only man I can rely on. I’m not kidding either… lol

He is AMAZING! He is my God!

In Jesus’ Name. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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