I’m not like everyone else… on purpose

People have often said to me ‘you would have more clients if you advertise.”

Though this statement is probably accurate, I owe no one an explanation of why I run my business the way that I do.

I acknowledge this is a fair statement, so here’s my answer:

In the world of massage, we touch for a living.  Most folks are fully naked on my table (though it’s up to them on their comfort level.  FYI, I have also massaged people fully clothed).

During massage, some people react to touch, without even knowing it is happening. Totally normal.

What I will also tell you (and you may or may not find this as a surprise) is there are folks that are way too comfortable behind closed doors.

THOSE people think its ok to touch their therapist.  Clients also think its ok to ask for inappropriate behavior (sexual favors).

Some laugh about it (knowing its wrong) but trust me, people have no filter and with enough courage, will ask.

Let’s start with the “inappropriate behavior”  people:

First off: ITS ILLEGAL.  Secondly, I am a professional massage therapist.  I worked hard to get my license and I refuse to lose it over an extra dollar bill.

As for the clients that are way too comfortable and trying to be slick and cop a feel:

Geez… really buddy?

I’ve had my glutes (my butt) grabbled.  My pecs (breasts) grabbed (double handful, by the way).  I’ve had two different men jump off the table as soon as I was done with the service and try to kiss me.  <shaking my head>

I’ve had men try to ‘lead’ my hands to areas I refuse to massage.

9/10 out times I know the vibe of someone even before I get them on the table.  It’s a gut feeling and is usually accurate.

My guard is up regardless who it is (because you just don’t know) and I have been off my game a time or two… but never in a situation I couldn’t get myself out of.

I am not intimidated by these clients.   Here’s why:  first off, they are on my table – NAKED.

You don’t think for one second I know where to punch a man that will make him end up on the floor for days and possibly never conceive a child again?   Yeah.  They are messing with the wrong therapist.  I was raised that for any reason some person is exposing themselves or putting themselves in a position of unwelcomed behavior to punch or kick them in the balls and run. (Thanks momma!)

Secondly, I do know pressure points that will have anyone ever consider why they even thought about touching me.

With all that being said, and the situations I have been in a few times while massaging, I’ve never had to kick/punch but I have used pressure points and have had no problem calling them out on their actions and remind them why they are REALLY on my table:  TO GET A MASSAGE!

I know, gutsy right?  But it shuts them down and I continue with their massage.

I will also add that not one of those past clients have ever ended up back on my table again – THANK GOD!

So, back to the question of why I don’t publicly advertise – THIS IS WHY….

This world is filled with crazy individuals.  And people are just way to comfortable in private settings.

Since I am a referral base business ONLY, I trust my friends, family, etc. and my current clients to KNOW their own friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, bff, etc…. if not, then they need to reevaluate these people in their life.

Fortunately, I have not had any issues being in business for myself and my referral base is phenomenal.

So, to the ones that feel like I’m losing money by not advertising on Craigslist or have a website publicly for the whole world to view, do know this is NOT MY PURPOSE.

MY PURPOSE IN MASSAGE IS:  to educate people the importance of massage and why we need to make time to get massaged regularly.  Every massage therapist has their own technique and my technique may not be for everyone. And I am ok with that.

I just ask everyone to find a massage therapist and start taking care of their mind, body and soul.  WE ALL NEED IT!!!

And I am just going to continue doing what works for me!  Namaste’







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