11:11… on purpose

You’re funny God! I asked God earlier to give me a peace sign to show His way of letting me know I am doing ok…. and I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing…. so, this is what He gave me… 11:11! 👍🏽 You are A funny man!!! I’ll take it!!! ❤️

Ok… You’re right… I do need to leave it in your hands. Thank you for giving me this evening to reflect on how great YOU really are. Keep guiding me where you see fit, giving me answers where I often questioned and thank you for light to areas I often would see in the dark. You are my light in more ways than one.

I know You have amazing things in store for me. I am excited every day to see where You, my Heavenly Father directs me.

I understand every trial and tribulation I have gone through has been with purpose. I know there will be many more to come but I am grateful for the ones you have given me because I have learned that with Belief, Faith, Hope and acknowledgement that Your Son, Jesus Christ, gave his life for ALL my sins and therefor HE is my Savior…. because of that…. I know YOU DO makes all things possible, including keeping me of sound mind during this trying week of the emotional sabotage I often put on myself from time to time.

I know I am strong. I know am worthy. I know I am capable of handling anything when He is by my side.

Thank you God!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

#god #signs #peace #1111

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