Coronavirus & Domestic Violence… finding our purpose

Working at a DV shelter has made me more aware of how much this coronavirus is having a bigger impact on how we work in a non-profit domestic violence shelter.
Times like this, domestic violence has definitely heightened but we also need to use precaution on making sure every individual is not carrying the virus.
We are taking this into consideration as one of our first lines of defense in helping these women (and children) find safety from their abuser.
We have a great deal of resources and a community that has been amazing in supporting our needs in the DV community.
We may be a small staff, but we are MIGHTY in our ability to to provide services and direction to those leaving an abusive situation.
God directed me several times to work within the DV community.  Last year I took an opportunity and without a doubt, I know MY PURPOSE is greater than I could ever imagine.
Asking God to continue to provide and protect the staff, the clients and the community as we diligently work together to service those in need. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. ❤️🙏
#DomesticViolence #DV #coronavirus #coronavirus2019 #covid19 #praying #DVMinistry

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