Love hurts sometimes… on purpose

Some people are hard to love because of their past. Even love is not enough to help heal them and the only thing they know how to do is continue to hurt those that love them. Pray for them to heal in every way possible.

On the flip side, those feeling the pain by these hurt individuals, know you can’t save them all the time. Know that even though you continue to give and give with love and trying everything to save them, know they might not want YOU to save them. Know your limits. Set your boundaries of how much pain one can continue to endure over and over again.

Hurt individuals need to acknowledge they have a problem and get help in finding where their pain stems from.

Trauma and pain from the past haunt almost every relationship going forward.

Did you know trauma can affect someone as young as 6 months old? I learned this a domestic violence class this past summer. The only way to reverse trauma is therapy, self love, a great support system, minimal drama, a safe and healthy environment.

Incidents from the past will definitely play a huge part most of their adult life. And most relationships will not end in a good way.

If you really want to love those that hurt, get them the help to heal to free themselves of the pain they have felt for many years.

THATS how you save someone who doest know how to love you back.

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