So… I’m moving to the west coast.

I don’t owe anyone an explanation why I am moving.  People questioning my actions and those that I thought would be supportive…. <chirp, chirp>  Not surprised, honestly.

At the end of the day, I’m moving because I want to move.  I put myself though massage so I CAN travel and live ANYWHERE in the world.  That’s how awesome my job is!

I’ve live in the DC area for 28 years and before that it was PA until I graduated high school.  My kid is an adult and in college, focusing on nursing.  (Another field that will take her ANYWHERE she wants to go, including out of the COUNTRY!)

I went into massage in 2011 to help people.  Understanding the power of massage and the benefits is exactly why I chose this field.  Its cheaper to take care of yourself through massage not only physically but mentally and spiritually.  And if you’re lucky and have awesome insurance, you can get massages monthly or even weekly.

Did you know it also helps with depression?

We are in a world today where suicide is crazy.  I pray that people recognize their illness, not be ashamed and seek resources for help.

I’ve had depression my whole life.  I have way too many family members with depression, bi-polar and darkness within.  Attempting suicide and a few that committed suicide.

I was in my 30’s when I started getting massages.  Personally, I didn’t know the benefits, but I knew I felt great (mentally).

Just before turning 40, I decided to change my whole life, get out of corporate world and find a job as a trade that I can move anywhere in the world.

7 years later, I am given the opportunity to not only move anywhere but I get to move to Los Angeles where it is sunny everyday (google it if you don’t believe me).

With my winter depression – this is where I NEED to be.

For business, come on, its California. People are into their health, wellbeing and LOVE AND APPRECIATE massage.  I also have a few acquaintances out there that I can turn to for advice.   They work in the same type of industry: service.  I see the hustle they do there.  No different than my life here working two jobs, seven days a week.

So, for the haters hating… keep talking about me.  Its promotion for me anyway.

The true support system is those that support ME, regardless of what they think is best for me.

Last I checked, I’m an adult.

Life is too short.  GET MORE MASSAGES!!!

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