Please God, send me a sign…

Not that this image means anything to anyone, but it does to me and two other people. ❤️

I’ve always been the type of person that I believe in ‘signs’. I see something and it immediately makes me think of that person or I tell myself this person must be thinking of me. Or signs to let me know about a decision on something after you pleaded to God “Please, God give me a sign”….

Sometimes I’d get signs through: time (like 11:11), songs, scripture, images and certain people I meet…

The last few years I have been more in tune with myself as I continue to work on my relationship with Jesus & God.

I used to ask God to send me a sign to let me know ‘He’s Got Me’. The last couple years, I stopped asking Him because I know HE’S GOT ME!

Then I used to ask for God to send me a sign to let me know I’m making the right decisions, with anything/everything. “Should I do this, should I do that.”

Asking God to help me make a decision on work, family & relationships, mostly. It was like I couldn’t make a decision on my own unless I asked God for guidance first.

Sometimes He’d give me the answers immediately, but most times, I felt he never gave me the sign quick enough, and THAT was my sign that I needed to make these decisions one my own and no one could help me with the answer.

Later, if not weeks later, He’d send me a sign. Either something amazing happens based on choosing path A or some trials would pop up based on choosing path B.

For my non-believers: I mean, duh, that’s part of life, right? Good bad. Ups and downs. Life. No signs needed because at the end of the day, your decisions are YOUR decisions, right?

For me, I have always believed in signs… and 9/10, they showed up.

I stopped asking God for signs on decisions, because ultimately, I’m the only one that can choose and I know either way, I’ll learn something from it.

I started seeking God more a few years back because I felt He was the only person that did not judge me. He was the only person I could talk to at 3am. Especially on days I didn’t want to get out of bed when I felt lost and needed guidance.

Here’s what I’ve experienced: those that seek God, are happier people. Those that pray together have a bond like no other. Those that are open to Jesus and the Lord, are always blessed with mental peace of mind, unconditional love and a sense of guidance that they all know where they are heading in the future: eternal life.

So, I thank God today for giving me this sign to remind me that these two people, in particular, are forever in my heart and reminding me the importance of family.

Days like today, when I feel like I don’t have many people around, these are the signs that randomly pop up in my day. And I THANK GOD!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen 🙏🏽❤️

Image on Instagram: @Ms.Kcanvas

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