God’s work in Key West

April 15-18, 2018

Key West Florida (Gulf of Mexico) * Mallory Square * April 15, 2018 * 7:44pm
Key West Florida (Atlantic Ocean) * Southernmost Point Pier * April 18, 2018 * 7:04am

My first time in the Keys.  Pretty amazing place.  Words can not describe how beautiful these images are in real life.  I wished the weather had been a tad bit warmer (mid 70’s all 4 days).  I could definitely see myself living in that kind of world.  People are super nice.  And happy.  Though they probably would had been a lot more happier had President 45  had not been making a visit to the island on Thursday and turned the whole town super paranoia beforehand.  However, we did manage to have some awesome stories to tell along the way.


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